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 Picture Reading(चित्रवाचन) l

  इयत्ता पहिली, Standard one, भाग चार । Part 4 l page no.49

Picture Reading(चित्रवाचन)

Write the word for picture


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Answer  :

Deepa, Rohit and Seema were going to school. They were walking on the footpath. Seema said, ‘‘Look at the aeroplane I wish to fly too.’’ Deepa said, ‘‘I wish to drive a train. Rohit said, ‘‘I wish to travel by a ship. Now they had to cross the road. They looked to their left. A car, a bus and a bike were coming. So they stopped at the signal. An old woman was trying to cross the road. Deepa said, ‘‘Granny wait, we shall help you to cross the road.” They saw the signal turned red for traffic. All the vehicles stopped. Then they helped the Granny to cross the road using zebra crossing. The old woman thanked them. They walked on the footpath and reached their home.

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